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Presented by State Library Victoria

The Humble Eggplant

The humble eggplant, a vegetable rejected by many, scorned on by emoji-users and teens. Whilst the subject of many ‘dirty’ jokes, the humble eggplant is one of the least popular vegetables. I, personally, have a strong love for eggplant, especially cooked in a stir-fry, but by itself it’s really gross. You know what is amazing? Donuts. Donuts for the win! Donuts are much better than eggplants, and I think that someone has probably invented an eggplant donut, and that person should be exiled from society. Thus ends the rant about eggplants and donuts, written by the humble Nyla. Nyla is not humble, but rather they are quite conceited and bias, as they love both donuts and eggplant, but prefers donuts to eggplant. Donuts rule. THE END.




17th Oct, 17

Oh MY wOrD I love this so much xx

24th Oct, 17

WOW! Love this.

26th Mar, 18