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How to not get over a crush!

So about two weeks ago, I told the guy that I like that I liked him. He responded to it – as per my request – with a message, yet the message said, “Yo, I got your note. Sorry I don’t feel the same way.”

So, needless to say I cried myself to sleep that night, bUT fear not, for I (over about two weeks) have formulated a good plan on how you – yes, you – can NOT get over the horrible thing that is a ‘crush’.

  1. Continuously scroll through any social media that you have, stalking every profile that they have and obsessing over them.
  2. Dream about them. E V E R Y   N I G H T.
  3. Talk about them whenever you can. Seriously, never stop.
  4. Draw them.
  5. Write poems about them.
  6. Make them into a sim and have a sim version of yourself marry them.
  7. Imagine what your life with them would be like.
  8. Tell your friends about your crush (if you have any – I barely have any) and realise you’re annoying them.
  9. Tell the person that you have a crush on them, and if they say they don’t like you the same way IMMEDIATELY FEEL HURT!
  10. Continue to have crush and repeat steps 1-8 until death.

Sorry about this post – I’m going to post another chapter of One Breath next week, but I’m barely surviving right now and needed to share about it!



Hope you feel better... SURVIVE!!! BEAT THIS!!

12th Oct, 18


14th Oct, 18

omg rip

13th Oct, 18

It's a solid rip

14th Oct, 18

this guy doesn't realize how much he missed out on smh
rest in peace pal, you'll find someone one day :^)
also i do all this stuff except the sims bc my parents dont want me playing video games yikes

15th Oct, 18

sims is my life at this point

16th Oct, 18

Oh lord, no vidya?!

17th Oct, 18


17th Oct, 18